Africa Adventure - Information Technology in Tourism - Part 2 - Content Distribution

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Hello Tiaan,

In our previous news letter we looked at the history of Information Technology, how it started and how it became so BIG.

Today we look at tourism supplier content distribution to the travel operators. 

Enya Fehler - Managing Director Africa Adventure
Enya Fehler 
Africa Adventure

Information Technology - Part 2 - Content management and distribution

Wetu weighs in on Technology for Tourism Suppliers

A lovely property in a stunning location somewhere in Africa closed their doors earlier this year for a quick refurb. They reopened and waited for the crowds to arrive to enjoy their property. And they continue to wait… What strikes me is how unnecessary it is for any place of accommodation or travel supplier to appear so isolated. Visibility and collaboration with the Trade solve the problem so easily, and are as easy to achieve. You just need to plug in.

Travel technology has really taken off in the last few years and it makes our work much more exciting in terms of our business practices and what we can accomplish. Time and efficiency are the biggest winners and increased conversion rates, a happy result. Had the lovely property been plugged into tech, it wouldn’t still be waiting for business to arrive. They’d be using digital tools to work better and smarter.

Wetu Content Management

Take the Wetu iBrochure as an example. Click this link to see what it looks like. And that’s all anyone needs to do to access your precious content: click on a hyperlink! Imagine packaging your awesome content in a digital brochure like this. Now imagine attaching the link to your email signature or embedding the App onto your Facebook page or the widget on a website, or simply posting it on any digital platform or social media site you want to. It’s content distribution at lightning speed, any time of day, anywhere in the world. With the ability to record clicks and views, you’re also able to monitor how your content is accessed and consumed, empowering you with valuable data to adjust your sales and marketing efforts. That’s huge value in one beautiful tool. Beauty that’s only limited by your imagination.

That’s visibility sorted. Now imagine having that content in a centralised location that offers convenient access to hundreds of your trade partners. Like the Operators/DMCs/Agents in Wetu who access Supplier content to use in their digital itineraries. It’s the basis of strong reciprocal relations within the trade, where Suppliers load and manage their best, freshest content and Operators put that content into the sale. Everybody wins. Collaboration ends isolation.

An investment in travel technology is essentially an investment in time and the future health of your business. Is this an investment you can afford not to make?

Wetu Travel Technology

About Wetu: Our cloud-based technology was born out of the needs we identified within the travel trade. We know your pains and try to find solutions. Tourism professionals the world over use Wetu as their one stop shop of travel content and technology. We provide technological expertise for interactive content management in a web portal, and efficient content distribution & marketing.

In our next newsletter we will look at Nightsbridge, The professional property management and online booking solution ideal for all independent accommodation.



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